Splashtop not showing correctly


Since last week I’ve been having this issue that Splashtop is not showing correctly, the screen looks out of sync on the first top half and blacked out on the bottom one.

Anyone having this problem as well?


Not having that issue at the moment, nor ever seen Splashtop do anything like that.
Have you tried launching Splashtop from a different computer ?

Started to happen in several machines, it was working fine until mid last week.

I just found what the problem is, it was an update from my onboard graphics card that’s causing the issue.



The problem is back and it doesn’t look related to the graphics card driver, still have the one that I rolled back.

Any one having the same issue?


Yes I have been having the same problem. Have not yet found a fix.

Hi Andrew,

I was able to find the solution, it’s simple.

  • Go to the start menu and open the SplashTop for RMM.
  • Click in Advanced and change the “Video Rendering Options” to “Direct3D with RGB”.
  • You also will need to mark the box in “Hardware Acceleration” check the box “Use hardware acceleration when available”.

I did the steps above and started to work fine since then.