Splashtop is not running error

We are running into issues where about 30% of the time, we are unable to remote into our PC’s setup with Syncro RMM with remote access enabled. We are getting errors stating the splashtop is not running however the Syncro icon is displaying in the bottom right corner and if you look in task manager, splashtop IS running.

Sometimes we are able to connect if we try the remote session 5 or 6 times but other times, it never connects. We were curious if there was something we could do to improve this service or maybe we did something wrong during setup?

Our environment is WIN10 pro only, no Mac or Linux remote sessions.

Thank you in advance!

Hey there! What’s the exact error you’re seeing? There’s a few I can think of that fit this description. What’s an asset name you’ve most recently seen it happen on?

Thank you for replying! I will need to have it happen again to get a screenshot with the exact error but it was along the lines of “The splashtop streamer is not responding” or “The splashtop streamer is not running”.

The most recent asset this happened on for us was for the CFO of a company we support so I don’t feel comfortable giving out the PC name for that person but it was just happening on Monday. We are certain to run into the issue again soon and I will reply with the screenshot and asset name.

In that case, I’d double-check the Installed Applications tab on the asset and make sure ‘Splashtop Streamer’ is installed. Then you can use Backgrounding Tools to ensure it’s running.

If everything looks good there, it could be an AV blocking the session, we’ve got some whitelisting steps listed here: https://help.syncromsp.com/hc/en-us/articles/1260805695950-Splashtop-Remote-Access-built-in-remote-access-tool-#troubleshooting

Just to make sure, you know that you can click Background Tools and remote in that way as a backup, right?

Occasionally mine won’t work and I just use that old way.

Brian, thank you for your reply! I actually found that out yesterday and I plan to use that as a work around when I encounter this issue again.


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I am having the same issue with the RMM splashtop. Syncro tells me the streamer is not running. I use the “backup” way and see it is installed and running. 2/2 not working today so far.