Splashtop Freezing

Splashtop has been freezing. I have to kill the session and re-establish a connection. This has been a pain in the but for about 3 days.

Hi Omar! If you open the Splashtop Streamer on the local asset, try one of these other screen capturing options. You can go in through Backgrounding Tools to get these settings updated then launch into a Splashtop session after. If none of these work there may be a hardware issue that has developed.

We constantly have the same issue. About 25% of the time a UAC prompt is presented on the remote computer, she screen freezes (stops updating). We need to disconnect and re-start the remote session which is time-consuming and annoying.

I’d reach out to Splashtop support there. Anything past clicking the button to launch the connection is on ST’s side, and we don’t have any visibility into what happens after that (short of us capturing the session end webhook for logging purposes).