Splashtop for RMM not launching

I just setup a new PC and installed Splashtop for RMM but when I click the button to “Remote Access” nothing launches. Pop ups are disabled.

I have removed and reinstalled Splashtop for RMM.

Does anyone have this issue?

What do you mean that you installed it? I’ve never installed it. I just make sure that there is a policy assigned that has remote access allowed…it all happens automatically.

What browser are you using? Chrome is the only officially supported one.

When you say nothing launches, you mean nothing at all? Regardless if Splashtop for RMM is installed on your system or not, it first goes through authentication with the agent, so you would get a popup either saying it can’t communicate, or it gives you the popup to download Splashtop while it waits a few seconds and initiates the connection.

Please send us more details by creating a Support ticket. We would like to further investigate.