Splashtop Error

On a few select machines, we’re seeing the below error. has anyone seen this recently? it’s new today for us

We’re having trouble connecting you with Splashtop. Splashtop says: Condition Not Satisfied. (Source IP address check, SRS rmm_id not matched)

This one should be a sync issue and it’s not able to authenticate properly. You could try restarting the agent, restarting the splashtop service, or wait a bit and see if it goes away.

One of them has already figured itself out. thanks Jimmie!

This one does tend to resolve on its own. Especially if you just recently enabled Splashtop on the machine. In the event that it persists go ahead and send in a ticket.

This one got installed sometime mid last year. This is also a relatively unmanaged client, so I haven’t actually logged into it in months. I’ll keep an eye on it and then we’ll let you guys know by a ticket if need be