Splashtop connection log

Is there anywhere I can see the connections a tech has made to client computers?

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Hi Rick, the recent activity log will show who made a connection and when. That can be viewed on the Asset page or the Asset Activity Audit report.

I think I just found the report. I seem to only be able to show a remote session starting and it mostly does not show the client name. Any help building a useful report would help me a lot. The client name. Asset name. Start time and end time would be invaluable.

You could if you search via the ‘remote’ activity text and leave the ‘filtering by asset’ field blank.

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Thanks for that reply I will try it.

That looks mostly great except my list is not showing customer info in most cases.

It seems to show customer name as in a person’s name. Not the business name. Is there a way other than doing something like putting the business name as the last name?

Thanks for the help so far.

First/Last name is the only company information it will display. Adding more detail there would be a feature request. I can get that request added for you, I know there are other users who like using this report for the same thing.

Yes please submit that request.

it seems obvious to have company name. I will have to put Company name in the last name field for now.

Thanks again.

I have gone through my customer list and made the business name the customer last name.

I have got a good report to be generated.

Now I am looking to export the report to a csv so that I can use the data.

The CSV generated is empty other than the column names.


If I choose PDF a PDF gets created and has data. But it will be hard to clean that up enough to use.

Any ideas?

Thanks, I think I am getting there. This will be helpful going forward.

That is a current bug, the good news is that the code for the fix is complete and in review. I’ll get you linked up to our development case so we can let you know when it’s fixed.

Is this the sort of thing that will be fixed in hours, days, weeks, months, or years?

Just to gage what I need to do.


I don’t have an exact time frame, but the work is already done so I don’t expect it to take much longer. From here they will double-check the code, send it to QA and roll it out if everything looks good. If I had two make a rough guess perhaps anywhere from now to within a week.

OK thanks, then I will manually manipulate the pdf to get it into excel this time and not manipulate client names to make things fit better.

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ty - I’ve been trying to figure this out for a week. Very helpful to find forgotten support by tech that forget to run a timer.

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