Splashtop Agent Not Installing On Mac

Is there any way to force the install of the Splashtop agent? I’ve got (at least) one Mac agent that won’t install Splashtop. I’ve restarted, reinstalled the Syncro agent, and it just won’t appear.

Is the Mac OS up to date? I have an old Mac mini running High Sierra and had some issues with permissions with the new agent and Splashtop. I just checked and if I recall, I had to manually add Splashtop Streamer to the Accessibility privacy section. It works fine for me.

I am having the same issue. And its fully up to date…

Yeah the Mac is up to date, but the installer hasn’t appeared on the Mac at all, so I can’t manually add it to the permissions.

If it’s enabled on the policy (it only deploys if enabled on the asset policy) and it isn’t showing up on the asset itself please open a ticket and include the URL of the affected asset.

We are also having this issue, ticket raised.

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got the same issue here to