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I have noticed that not only do we need to add’s IP) to our spf record. We also need to add’s IP) to it as well. We get tickets that come from both of those IP’s. Until I added both of those ip’s to our spf record some tickets were going to our junk mail. I would think this would be important to know during configuration…Hope this helps!


@Andy, do you know if this is true?

@canden.hicks can you please confirm?

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Here are screenshots of the sender IP’s.

Hope it helps!

If I’m understanding these correctly, these would be notifications to your techs from Syncro’s mailer, not your own; if that is the case, then SendGrid’s details wouldn’t be needed on your SPF.


If the IP for sendgrid is removed from our spf then the Sender IP of goes straight to Junk mail. Same thing happens if we remove Syncros IP. So, obviously they both need to be there because those IP’s are sending email on our domains behalf… :person_shrugging:

I just added SendGrid’s and am hopeful it’ll help. We’ve had a lot of issues with deliverability lately.

@Andy - we never heard back from @canden.hicks about this. Can we please verify?

I have added to my spf in hopes it will help as well.

I also noticed that some mail I am getting appears to be coming from AWS now too, so I wonder if they are transitioning to another sender?

If you use your own SMTP, the only thing coming from sendgrid would be to your techs, anything customer facing would go from your own SMTP. So it’s up to you if you want to whitelist or update SPF for deliverability to yourself. Both IPs belong to sendgrid, and both belong to email.syncroemail.com. So I guess the real question is, why are they recommending an ipv4 instead of an a or include to cover both and any future IP updates.

I raised it with the product team. I don’t have an answer on this right now.

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I’m glad you were able to figure that out. I think that SyncroMSP has no idea how the email is sent out - so they don’t document what we need to add to our SPF records. :frowning:

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Update from your product team? I believe this may be affecting us as well.


Do you currently have a ticket open with support?

I use SMTP2Go for custom SMTP server. Have it added to my SPF. The Syncro emails do sometimes go to SPAM because they typically will have reference to your company or domain. If your DMARC is setup with the highest security the emails will be marked as SPAM or rejected.

Using a service like SMTP2Go gives you a little more control and knowledge of where the emails are originating. Syncro most likely does not list this info for SendGrid, because they are a third party and my change the servers at anytime without their knowledge.

You can take the time to collect the SendGrid addresses or go with a known variable (your own server or third-party of choice).

The main thing is to keep your DMARC as high security as possible to reduce the risk of someone impersonating your domain and users.