Specify HTTP Proxy for SyncroLive Agent

The ability to specify a proxy (specifically HTTP proxies) within each customer for the RMM agent (SyncroLive) to use when deployed.

Currently we face issues with multiple clients where they have a network proxy, and SyncroLive is unable to communicate back to Syncro dashboard properly (unable to show devices online/offline, SyncroLive features doesn’t load at all).

We have been through support to try and resolve the issue however it appears to be more likely that the RMM agent/SyncroLive isn’t properly communicating with the proxy (even though the proxy is set explicitly within Windows).

There doesn’t appear to be a way to configure a proxy for Syncro (like in a config file or something). The most elegant and manageable approach that we suggest is the ability to set it within the customer policy (as opposed to manually adding it in for each client via a registry or config file edit), and also have the proxy automatically set within Splashtop too (as this is necessary).