Sort Saved Searches in list of Assets

Is there a way to sort the saved searches I have created alphabetically rather than last creation date?

Hello- when viewing your saved searches they do appear in alphabetical order when I look at them. Do you have a screenshot of what you see?

Capto_Capture 2022-03-21_02-04-27_PM

Actually it looks like the right menu is reverse alphabetical and the left menu is alphabetical.

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Yep, this is the case. If you click the magnifier that’ll bring up the alphabetical list. Otherwise there isn’t a way to reorder the one on the right.

Have you filed a bug for this? The behavior should be the same as the left.

How does one do that? I am new to the product.

I can get one started for you no worries- if you need to submit one in the future you can email