Sonicwall SNMP

When initiating SNMP into Syncro with a Sonicwall device.
Follow some steps on the SW.

  1. Make sure you are in Manage
  2. System Setup > Appliance > SNMP, Click Enable SNMP. [ACCEPT]
  3. Now you can go back to SNMP and [CONFIGURE]
  4. Under Configure, Please give it a unique Community Name
  5. Under Host 1: provide the static IP address of the Syncro Asset that will monitor the SNMP.
  6. System Setup > Network > Interfaces
    Chose the interface that has the Asset that will monitor the Sonicwall (Generally X0) Select configure
    Under “Management” check SNMP.
    Now in Syncro, Add the Asset
    Under the SNMP Details
    Host Name IP is the Sonicwall Monitoring Asset. Hence why I static the monitoring asset. Monitoring agent is the Asset that is configured to monitor under step 5, that has the IP.
    SNMP Version is 2, I hope Syncro will implement V3 sometime soon.
    Community is the unique name you provided in step 4.
    Leave the port at 161 and boom you should smile.
    Add your OID Monitors that you like.
    I hope this helps any Syncro Noobs trying to interface a Sonicwall

Hey Ken,

Thanks a lot for detailing this out. This is awesome!

Thanks took me about 2 months to get this working because of the Host 1 piece of information I was missing.