Some devices are not sync'ing even though all services are running

I have several devices that show last sync in November, I can remote in, they show online. I ran a Force Full Sync script and updated a few I have one left if anyone from support is lurking about TECH-ROOM12 not sure how this works, or any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot? Doesn’t seem like windows updates have been working

Try rebooting? You last rebooted before the last sync, which was almost 2 months ago. We set weekly reboots on all our workstations to avoid systems being online too long. The only exception is laptops when they are slept and can’t run the maintenance.

The reboot time is incorrect, I noticed these after fixing storage issues and it didn’t reflect on Syncro, still showed out of space. Running the sync script updates

What agent version is on the endpoint?

Syncro | Servably, Inc. | | 01-28-21 |

I received this from Support but I don’t understand what they mean. It’s been up for over a year
‘Do you know how long you had the asset online for before checking the sync time? If it didn’t have at least 15mins it wouldn’t have synced yet.’ is the latest and I don’t have any idea how to trigger a manual update. I figured this would come up eventually, but I never looked into it more. My guess is, if you could get it updated, it might resolve the issue.

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Does it seem sometimes that the solutions given by Syncro support sound like they are provided by someone outsourced that may not fully understand or fully read the questions? Even though I see some of the same names. This is not meant as a joke or criticizing I am just wondering if that is the case.

As far as I am aware, they are not outsourcing. I feel like I’m pretty familiar with most of the people that respond to my tickets. I do have some that occasionally respond in the middle of the night, but that could just be their shift, not necessarily a time zone difference, and haven’t experienced any grammar tales that would say they are.

and if you can’t get it updated, it may come down to an uninstall/reinstall. RMMs typically won’t reinstall over the top of themselves, but would love if they had some kind of updater that could be invoked. Both CWA and Kaseya had ways to manually update the agent.

Hi @jlevy
I had a look at the ticket Alexandra was assisting you on. In the last correspondence on 12 January, Alexandra asked if you could an uninstall/re-install. Have you tried this? If this does did not work, could you respond to the ticket and we can further investigate and possibly engage our devs for a fix.