Software Inventory Report Detail

Would be nice if the software inventory report would provide a break down or drill through for specific endpoints. An easy way to identify where a product is installed. Would help for licensing and version management.


IS this a feature request? I just found that a machine just one, has CCleaner on it. I would like to remove it, but manually searching each computer for the 1 reported install is insanity in todays RMM world. It’s obvious the RMM knows what one, because it read the data and knows that there is 1 instead of Y or N.
I have not found a script yet that will poll and give me the details either, but I just started looking.

yes, it was a feature request. Seems like it should be a logical next step to click on the macahine count and see a list of machine that are in that count.

I agree, it’s obvious they have the data, not letting us get the data they gathered is really short sited.

YES! Simply listing all software at clients is completely useless! Provide ability to do an inventory per client per device! This is insane. Hyperlink the numbers even to show us what assets have the software. Horrible useless report as it is now.

You need to go to ASSETS - and create a saved assets report. There is a field “installed software” that you can use per client, or for your entire computer universe. (WHY they are not under reports is beyond my imagination…) But the report is slick and easy like McDonalds is greasy.

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lol, that’s actually a pretty good workaround. Thanks for the tip.
Ideally would be a listing of all software instances by like you see on the installed apps report with a node count, then when drilling in get a report filtered on the actual nodes.