Software Inventory by Endpoint

Is there a report or a way to determine where software is installed. Looks like it is a feature request from last year, but I trying to run down specific installations from the general software inventory report.

From the built-in reports, I believe you can only get the amount of machines a particular piece of software is installed on, but not a list of those particular machines. There was some talk of doing a script to grab that. We’ll see if somebody else has a method.

My AV vendor (ESET) Allows me to pull up a list of computers with a particular piece of software, so I use that.

There is a script in the Community Library that says it will give you installed application but I can not figure out where that data is stored and do I have to enter the computer name. I have a very basic understanding of scripts.

The one in the library just spits out a list of all the apps on the computer in the script output so you’d have to go to each asset, click on the script output. Also you’d want to modify it to sort as it doesn’t currently. So it’s really no better than the built in installed apps list. Unfortunately Syncro doesn’t have a good way to do what you want right now. If you need to find a specific program you can create a saved asset search and get a list of all the assets with that app installed.

Thanks. I can not even get the script to output to a list, just a blank line, but even if I could, it would not do me much good.

If you are looking for a specific software installed across client(s) site, then you need to create a Saved Assets Report. There is a field Installed Software (and missing software) that works for us. (WHY these reports are not in the REPORTS category is beyond my understanding) Go to Assets - Saved Assets Report and create one to find those machines.


Rick is correct, a Saved Search is a good way to go. You can also use the Asset Activity Audit Report and filter by software installed if you want all software, or by keyword for specific software.

@Alexandra do you have any documentation on how to do this step-by-step?

Sure thing! Saved Searches are available on the Asset page.

From here, you can specify an installed application, or a missing application, as well as a version if needed.

Then the Asset Activity Report is located under Admin > Reports. Here you can filter by installed application, and keywords.

Then there is the Software Inventory Report in the same area which only filters by customer and does not split by asset- so it’s inventory for the entire company.

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Saved Assets are awesome! Just what I needed.
@Alexandra Thanks for posting this.

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What I am trying to get is a list of what applications are installed on what endpoints. From what I am reading I am going to just have to build my own list using ‘Saved Searches’?

Assets & RMM / Saved Searches / Create New

You can get close essentially. There isn’t a specific report that shows all asset names AND software installed. You can see…

-A specific software installed on all assets (saved search)
-All software installed on all assets by company without asset name (software inventory)
-All software installed on all assets but not in a list format (asset activity audit)
-All software on one asset (installed applications tab on the asset)

I think adding the asset name to the software inventory report would be great and accomplish what you’re seeking, but it would be a feature request.

Would there be a way to create a report per asset that showed the installed software? I know it would be time consuming to pull but I only need it every once in a while, mainly when asked by the client.

Not specifically, it would be a manual step. You can copy the list from the Installed Apps list and it should be pretty easy to give them a list- especially if they don’t need it often.

Perhaps export to csv option would be helpful feature.

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That it could be! A good idea for the Feature Request board. Feature Requests - Syncro Support Community

Is the software inventory exposed in the API?

It is not, unfortunately.

I wish to have this feature as well, or the ability to create reports like this. In the report template area, I dont see any ability to add software queries to a template I make. Please make a built in report that allows me to have a list for a customer of what sofware is installed on what computer.