Snooze a ticket for X amount of days

What is the easiest way to snooze a ticket for XX days, and it should return to new status after that time?
For every ticket I snooze, I wanna be able to set a different amount of time.
Also, set a specific time, let’s say snooze till Monday, July 22 1:25 pm

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There isn’t a snooze per se, but if you have due dates enabled you could just change the due date to the desired time on a per-ticket basis.

I don’t want due dates enabled.
I want to have the option to clear a ticket from my board for X amount of time.

Gotcha. No other way I can think of to do this currently. The functionality is definitely not their natively. You can take things off of a view with custom fields and filters and such, but there wouldn’t be a way to get them to automatically show back up without it being super cumbersome.

How do I convert this to a feature request?

Add this one to the Feature Request category in the forums here.

Did you add a feature request? I’ll put my +1 in for it.

Relatedly, I’d like to be able to stop tickets with Status = Scheduled from lighting up red in the Last Updated column. For example, let’s say a ticket requires on on-site appointment that’s scheduled for next week. It doesn’t make sense in this case to warn that the ticket has been neglected…there’s nothing to do until the scheduled appointment.

Another one is the ability to make a ticket appear on a one-time schedule sometime in the future (not recurring). Let’s say a client has a new release of some software being released in two months that they want installed as soon as it’s available. It would be nice to create a future ticket today that will automatically be created in two months for the task.

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No I didn’t create a feature request
Can we convert this?

I haven’t tried this but if you create a script and give it runtime variables you could schedule the script to generate a ticket using the Syncro example:
Create-Syncro-Ticket -Subject "New Ticket for $problem" -IssueType "Other" -Status "New"

Obviously this would require the computer to be on so that the script could run but if you’re running on a server it could help.

In regards to the snooze option, I’d +1 that!
as a temp workaround… it’s a bit of a mess about but you could create a ticket Status called “snooze” set up a default filter in the tickets that doesn’t show that status. Once the ticket is set to that type it’ll be removed from the list and then create an automation that says if the status is snooze and 24/48 hours has passed change the status to whatever.
This isn’t the solution by any means but it be of some use until Syncro add an actual feature.

Snooze is usually for an existing ticket and will always be for a different amount of time to snooze.
Therefore, building for each ticket automation is not a solution.

not quite a way of hiding it, but here’s what we do.

Take a look at ticket workflows, you could create a custom status called - Wait 3 days - using at ticket automation, you could then change the status (when the due date/time in nearing) to Scheduled.

In conjunction with Ticket filters by hiding tickets with a status of Wait 3 Days.

Would this suffice ?

Change the automation every time?
I can’t do that since I usually have other tickets dependent on a date assigned before.

This snooze option is available in ConnectWise Manage, the way it works in CW is to build automation with a date field, and the ticket updates are based on the calendar field set for each ticket.
This is a needed feature, and it’s not something that was not seen before I don’t think it requires lots of code to implement.

I’m asking @syncro to add this function so it will help our and others workflow.
Let’s see how quickly this can be added.
I will be creating a feature request I’m asking everyone here to vote for it.

Thank you.

We do this with ticket automations as well. I made a ticket status for ‘snooze 24’, ‘snooz 48’, and created ticket automations to look for that status + not updated in x hours, then change the status to action required.

I set my ticket filter to exclude tickets with the snooze status.
It works great. I agree that Syncro should make it a feature, but seeing as it’s possible now, I doubt they will ever do it.

@matt4 If you wanna snooze a ticket for 95 days, you probably do a new status?
Based on that, you have 100 statuses to choose from.

I’m not interested in creating a new status every time I want to snooze a ticket.

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We only use 24hr, 48hr, and 30 days. Never had a need for 100 variations. If I have something I need to do more than 3 months away, I put it on the calendar.


Long post warning:
Okay so this is how I achieve this - it may or not be correct, or quite the right way to do it, and it’s a very layman’s implimentation, but it works for us.

I ask one thing - I know there’s improvements to be made so please if you have any suggestions or recommendations please let me know.

Create the statuses
I created 5 statuses:
Snooze - 7am Tomorrow
Snooze - 7am Second Day
Snooze - 1 Week From Now
Snooze - Until Due Date

Create the Ticket Automations
p.s. note: the 1 week below is 144 hours, i.e. 6 days - that worked better for us
also note that these will unsnooze by 7am on the day required - as long as you snooze before 11pm. If you work later then adjust these accordingly.

Name: Unsnooze - 1 week (if not updated in 144 hours)
Ticket Status: is: Snooze - 1 week from now
Not updated in hours: 144
Run the following actions: Change Status - Un-Snoozed

Name: Unsnooze - 7am Second Day (if not updated in 34 hours)
Ticket Status: is: Snooze - 7am Second Day
Not updated in hours: 34
Run the following actions: Change Status - Un-Snoozed

Name: Unsnooze - 7am Tomorrow (if not updated in 10 hours)
Ticket Status: is: Snooze - 7am Tomorrow
Not updated in hours: 10
Run the following actions: Change Status - Un-Snoozed

Name: Unsnooze - 7am Tomorrow (if not updated in 10 hours)
Ticket Status: is: Snooze - 7am Tomorrow
Not updated in hours: 10
Run the following actions: Change Status - Un-Snoozed

Name: Unsnooze - on due date (1 hour before due)
Ticket Status: is: Snooze - Until Due Date
Hours until due date: 1
Run the following actions: Change Status - Un-Snoozed

Note: I also duplicated that last status for 0 hours before, 2 hours before and 3 hours before as sometimes I found it didn’t unsnooze as required - but not sure if required. Obviously just test what works for you.

Create/update custom search filters
Update or create default filter to exclude the 4 “Snooze” statuses, and likely you will want to select “Resolved” - so all other statuses are shown
Optional: Create custom search filter for ONLY snooze options for double checking, see below.

Have a failback (double checking) option
I created a recurring ticket for 2 days per week to double check all snoozed tickets to make sure they unsnoozed correctly - if any are missed then update accordingly (rarely happens but good to double check).

So that’s about it. Please share any suggestions or possible improvements with me! Hopefully this has helped someone out there.

These are some good ideas - we use a variation of this, but use “To Follow up 7” and “To Follow up 21” and many more. Those will switch priority to 1 after 7 or 21 days respectively.

I do find that the ticket automations just don’t work sometimes and ones never change to 1, so the double checking is important.

I like the snooze until due date.