SNMP working on some Dell servers but not all

I’m using the Dell OID recipes provided on this site: SNMP Recipes

SNMP is working on some of our Dell servers, but we just added a couple of new clients and I can’t get it working for the life of me. The bare-metal servers are acting as both the hostname and the monitoring agent for SNMP. The asset monitors all say ‘Timeout’.

Here are the steps I’ve tried so far:

  • Enabled the SNMP Windows feature
  • Opened the ports in the Windows firewall.
  • Changed the SNMP service properties to the name public and to accept packets from any host.
  • Installed Dell OMSA
  • Opened a ticket with Dell support to confirm there’s nothing else to configure on the server.
  • Enabled all SNMP settings in iDrac
  • Tried the hostname and IP address in Syncro.
  • Tried removing several SNMP monitors to lower the count

Any ideas on what to try next?

That’s a pretty extensive list, oddly sometimes switching out the monitoring agent to something else, saving, then switching it back in resolves some issues.

Since you’ve already done quite a bit, if you want to send some screenshots to and let us know which devices you’re looking at we can check it out.

The iDrac snmp and windows(OS) snmp are 2 separate devices. We use snmp a lot with observium instead and i havent played with the snmp of syncro just yet.
Its useful but you might drown in false alerts. We just use it to collect historical data on hardware and VMs to do capacity planning and cleanup/consolidation projects.
I guess you have the snmp management feature installed and are configuring snmp through “Services”, there are a few things to watch out for, there can sometimes be blank hosts or blank communities and that might screw things up. Id suggest you have a ps script for each client that does this for you so its the exact same each time.
Linux and Esxi are a bit different but scripting also recommended.