Slow Computer Onboarding?

Is anyone else having issues with new computers onboarding in Syncro very slowly? I have a machine that I installed Syncro on about 30 minutes ago that still doesn’t have all the details pulled in. Some onboarding scripts aren’t running, either, because the Syncro-managed Chocolatey (Kabuto) hasn’t installed yet.

I thought the first machine was a fluke because it was an ancient Windows 7 machine, but this latest one is a newer, fresh Win10 install.


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You may have a UTM/firewall/DNS filter that’s blocking some of Syncro’s services. Or Syncro’s just being slow, things happen sometimes Syncro Exceptions and Allowlists

Hi Craig, usually it’s pretty fast for me- a few minutes before it shows up. Has this continued to persist and did the scripts end up running on those assets?

Hi Alexandra,

On one, I had to requeue all the scripts since they all failed due to the 10m timeout that was set. On another, I forced a sync and it did populate.

I don’t think I’ve had any new machines added yesterday or today, but I’ll rebuild a machine tomorrow so I can get you more info. This is the first time we’ve seen any delay like this, so I wasn’t sure if something was going on Friday that might cause a delay.

Thanks for checking in! I will update tomorrow.


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