Single sign on for customer portal

Please add sign-in integrations, like google and apple, and especially (or only) Microsoft (M365).


Yes everyone upvote this. It would be much easier to get good portal adoption if these types of logins existed.

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This is one of the top reasons our clients wont use the Syncro Portal. We have spoiled our clients with SSO, and is what every MSP should be doing.

This should be a very simple implementation, and would greatly increase the value of the Portal.


This is a must add! Our users want simplicity not another login, either kill the support portals need to login like opening a ticket through the Syncro app, or have the Syncro app authenticate the user privledge.

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I was just looking for the SSO. Out of 29 PSA/RMM tools that’s like the only feature this system didn’t really have.

+1 for SSO customer portal

Yes please! My users always forget their portal creds and this would be great.

Absolutely a vote for this. I’m looking at integrations like CloudRadial just to provide this type of simplicity but that is an extra expense.

Yea this is 100% a must