Single Email Linked to Multiple Customers

So I have a customer that is a car dealership. Well they own 4 different ones. The same person handles the billing for all of them. So I gave her access to the first one and she goes on and pulls invoices as I create them. Now I’m trying to tie in the rest of the sites to that same email / customer portal. Is this possible?

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While I don’t know if Syncro supports adding the same email to two different customers, I have an idea that might work. Have you ever heard of plus addressing? If their email supports plus addressing you could do something like this

And so on. The mail server will truncate everything past the + and deliver it to the same email. Hopefully Andy will chime in here with some other options. Good luck!

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It seems like that method wouldn’t work when it comes to incoming emails. It probably would only work on the receiving side of the recipient’s email service could handle it.

The big problem with having the same email for multiple companies is — for an incoming ticket email, which company would the ticket be assigned to?

An excellent observation I had not considered at the time. They would need to send as the plus address from their end which is asking a lot. Back to square one.