Single Customer Permissions

What it Does

  • Create a User account that can only specifically view a single customer’s information.
  • Single Customer Permissions users are billed the same as regular users on your account.

What it Doesn't Do

  • Does not support customer 'groups'—you can only have one user assigned to one customer at a time.
  • Does not allow policy editing.

Table of Contents



To get started, head to Admin > Users > Add User.

Click Add User

Next, configure the User details as you see fit.

At the bottom of the page there is a section called Security Permissions. Check the Put in a Customer-Specific Security Group box and then search for the customer you want to grant access to.

Once you select a customer, you will notice that a Security Group is generated and selected in the drop-down above the customer.

Important Note: Currently you cannot select multiple customers in the drop-down. This feature only works with a single customer per tech account.

Once finished, click Create User.


Security Groups

Learn more about Security Groups.

When you add a new User and attach a customer, a Security Group is automatically created as we mentioned above. After adding a user, you can make granular changes to the Security Permissions by clicking Manage Security Groups in the upper right, or anytime by heading to Admin > Security Groups.

Simply locate the Security Group and, to its right, click Edit to view all of the Customer specific permissions. After making any changes, click Update Group.

Here are all of the currently available options. Note that these permissions do not include the ability to edit or manipulate policies; only users with access to all permissions can do this.

API Tokens Manage
Assets Allow Backgrounding tools
  Allow Remote Access
  Broadcast Message
  Bulk Script Execute
  View Details
Customers Edit
  Remote Access Enable
  View Detail
RMM Alerts Clear/Manage
Scripts Execute
Ticket Attachments View
Ticket Comments Delete
  Delete ‘Their Comments’ (they created)
Tickets Create
  Use Ticket Charges
  View ‘Their Ticket’ Details (assigned to them)
  View Details


Reverting a Single Customer User

To convert a single customer user back to a full permission user you can delete the single customer security group and then assign the user to a full permissions group.

Delete single customer security group

This deletion is required first, and the user cannot simply be swapped between security groups on the fly.

I need the internal IT of a specific company to gain access to all the admin side of things relevant only to the client. For example I need to give them scripting creation permissions but this is VERY limited and I can’t give them global access to all the clients.

Any way to accomplish this? I can in other RMMs I worked with.