Simultaneous client and technician connections

Often, as an MSP, we have to login to a server while our client is logged in at the same time. I am Finding this a bit of a pain with Syncro as Splashtop only allows one connection at a time.

How are people overcoming this issue, preferably without adding additional licence costs.

I find this information on the Splashtop website - looks like your use case.

Splashtop RMM doesn’t allow for the simultaneous connections, so you need to use an alternate remote tool, or pay for the Business license. Fun fact with Splashtop, you can actually cycle through sessions while you are remoted on, after a few seconds, an icon will pop up on the left and you can connect to console sessions. I used it for an RDS and could see everyone connected to it and jumped on to help someone. Doesn’t help you, but it’s something that’s not widely known and I came across it a couple of weeks ago.

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Thanks for that. So have you got the Splashtop business licence integrated with Syncro instead of using the inbuilt RMM?

I just don’t want to lose the functionality of connecting from within Syncro as when I start growing the buesiness, I want the team to do everything from within Syncro.

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To be clear, I am giving my clients access to their own servers via the Syncro portal. I like that I can enforce 2FA to access the systems. So if Splashtop business integration allows clients and one tech to connect to a server, both from within Syncro, perfect. However, connecting from Splashtop Business externally to a Syncro installed streamer is not the end of the world I guess. Just a little messy and hard to manage as I grow.

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You can integrate the Business product into Syncro, however, the client portal will use the RMM version. You need the Remote Support product to enable end-user remote access. SOS+ Unlimited does not have this option. Splashtop Remote Support | Computer Access & Management for MSPs

One thing to note, it says 2 users into a computer and specifies two members of a team, doesn’t mention anything about end-users plus technician, but I would think it’s the same thing.

Your other option is for the techs to use Background Tools Remote Desktop. This doesn’t share any licensing with ST.

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I’ll get a trial and do some testing with a client, and then report the results here. I expect others will have this problem from time to time. We should do a how-to for the easiest path.


Top priority is, we want to be able to multiconnect using the already installed ST Streamer. The chance of multiple techs needing to connect with a client simultaneously is low, so if we need to use the business app externally to connect, that’s fine, but the licence needs to be based on login numbers.

Think that might be a roadblock though. Seems that most of their products have a device limit, except for SOS, but that requires a temp streamer to be run.

I already have SOS for clients that do not want unnatended access. That might be the easiest solution. Most companies will need this anyway for the same reason. I haven’t tested running SOS on a server that already has an RMM connection.

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SOS, SOS10, SOS+ Unlimited uses the same Streamer as all their other products, but it doesn’t include the customer access. Their whole product line uses the same Streamer including the RMM, what makes the features different is the Viewer installed that we use to access the system with the Streamer running.