SIMPLE QOL FEATURE REQUEST: When receiving a new ticket email. THE ASSET is missing?

When a customer opens a new ticket with us, none of the emails we receive lists the asset name that is experiencing the issue. We need login and open the ticket to get this info every time.

This may be a feature request unless we are missing something. This is a HUGE time waster for us and should be a simple fix.

For our techs when they receive a new ticket email while on the road, they cannot just open the email, see the asset and get to work using remote access. Not possible. The tech needs to first read the email, THEN open the Syncro Mobile app, or website, then authenticate, then navigate to the tickets and look thru them, just so they can find the asset in question. Then they can jump into the remote access to assist the customer.

Imagine puling over to the side of the road to do these steps every time you got an email? If this isn’t obvious to everyone using the ticket template that it needs to be fixed, then we are doing something wrong. We have been using this system for a year and have not seen this mentioned or addressed. This easily would save each tech several steps each time a ticket is opened. Not to mention driving safer.

Thank you!

You can go to Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates > Ticket creation and edit the template. There are lots of fields you can add, {{asset_name}}, {{asset_properties}}, {{ticket_link}}, etc. You could even use your dashboard url and the {{asset_id}} to create an html link directly to the asset.

OK i followed the path you laid out for me:
Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates > Ticket creation
I got all the way to the end and there is no “Ticket Creation” Template to edit. What we do have is “Ticket Created Email” which is not what I am addressing. This is used for emailing customers, not the techs.
Where is the email that we, the technicians, receive when a ticket is created? How can we edit that email?
I asked support months ago about this and they said it was to be a feature request. I hope i am just missing something silly. If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

Sorry, I thought that was it. Looking closer, you are correct. And I don’t think there’s a way to do edit that email as it’s just a notification and to my knowledge there’s no template for notifications. You could do this with Ticket Auomations, but those only run hourly so that wouldn’t work either. @Alexandra can you confirm this and change the post from solved to a feature request?

I’m in a similar boat, except I want the Contact to be on the new notification. I can see the customer, subject, and the issue, but not who the issue belongs to.

Yes, exactly. its super annoying. We should be able to modify this notification with the information that benefits each of us the most. SYNCRO PLEASE HELP!

Thanks for the tag Issac! It has been moved to the Feature Request board.