Silent Ticket Creation Option

Ok ok, I think I have a better idea now! haha. I wrote a feature request bit back about ability to make silent ticket, but the only way was deactivating auto SMS. Auto email, IS built into the system a bit more handy, since you can TURN OFF auto email, buuuuut then the checkin process needs a manual CLICK email box… This I have been even forgetting lead alone the techs lol. So I didn’t want to deactivate auto SMS at ticket creation, because if we forget email, least they got the more handy for normal people SMS right?

What if, there was “just” a Silent Ticket option? Activated in admin settings like usual in case a shop wants no one to have silent ability. But when turned on, there’s a new option below EVERYWHERE that the Ticket creation buttons are at: Silent Ticket!

So I just got done figuring out a solution for a client that’s small, and there MSP, so don’t need to make a big deal or invoice about tickets like this. I went to make a ticket for records / documentation, but didn’t want to bug him with email and get the “what’s this? I’m confused? Am I paying for this?” message… Perhaps easily explained as never worried about these emails, just worry about invoices, but then it teaches client to not pay attention to our emails: Bad Idea. haha. So finally thought of this more “simple” recommendation for this feature add. On client acct, New, Silent Ticket would be sooooo sweet!

In code, it essentially would be “simply” copying the ticket action behaviors, and adjusting to “simply” deactivate the auto email / sms settings configured… EH?!

Yea, I’m biased, but this is a MUST for me and team as we are scaling, and want to make more proof of work tickets, but not hassle with the things mentioned…

Keep up the great work SyncroMSP Team!!!