Signatures in Public Responses

Hello! Does anyone know of a way to add in signatures automatically when someone fills out a public comment in a ticket?

Our ticket comment emails are wrapped with a per-tech signature by setting up the email template for ticket comments here:

Admin > PDF/Email Templates > Email Templates > Ticket Comment Email

You have to insert {{tech_name}} and {{tech_bio}} to get per-tech signatures. These fields are pulled from Admin > Users > Details.

If you just want a signature in your ticket comments (without the email wrapper) you could create a Canned Response from Admin > Tickets > Canned Reponses. The tech would have to insert their Canned Reponse signature each time but would save on some typing.

That’s all I know, maybe others have some better suggestions!


Thanks Nathan! I’ll give this a try.

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I think there are some quirks with this right? Like if the ticket is assigned to someone and another tech responds, it still sends the signature for the assigned tech instead of the responding one?

Yes you’re quite right, I forgot about that. The tech name and bio are pulled from the assigned tech not the logged in user.

@Nathan Thank you again for the suggestions. I’ve implemented the canned response method, and so far, it’s working great. Enjoy the day today!


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