Signature on Tickets

It would be nice to have the ability to set up a custom signature in the Tech’s profile which could be auto-appended to the end of ticket email responses.

Yep, this is a feature that should be standard. Now with HTML comments (hopefully), it would be even more useful to have automatic email signatures.

I currently use a Canned Response to add my with signature.

You can already do this. The signature can be set under the user’s tech bio, and then add the tech bio to the email html template.

It’s broken (or at least not helpful if you’re writing an email as someone NOT assigned to the ticket) – I documented the problems here:

It’s not broken at all. I think what you’re asking for is a different feature request, but having a signature that automatically goes out with a reply when you’re assigned to a ticket works as expected.

Granted - what I expect when sending an email is that MY information would be appended, not the person that happens to be assigned to the ticket at the moment. As someone that manages, I reply to others’ tickets, so I can’t use the standard method.

Here’s my specific feature request: add a dynamic field for “logged in user” or “current user” — whatever would add the tech bio for the actual sender of the email.

Please add this as your own separate request so we can properly track it.