Show\Hide Asset custom fields based on Asset Policy

We use custom fields in assets for alot of different things, and sometimes a custom field isn’t relevant from one customer to another, or is a server related thing and we dont need to see it on a workstation. It would be nice if we could choose which custom fields display on the asset instead of all assets show all custom fields, even irrelevant ones. Seems like we could have something in policy that you can toggle which custom fields show and which ones to hide based on effective policy.

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Hide empty would be nice, that alone would save a lot of screen space.

I’ve been dying to add “customer types” for exactly this same reason. They would be like Asset Types where custom fields only live on those types. My MSP had over a dozen types we’d track, all with their own custom fields. Instead of creating a new customer with like a hundred custom fields, I’d prefer just to have one scoped to the 10 that particular customer type needed.

It would also go a long way in organically segmenting an MSP’s customer base for other purposes as well.

If we ever implemented something like this, would it largely solve the issue?

I’d have to see how its implimented. If ALL custom fields, including customer and asset custom fields trickled down based on customer type that would work from me. However we would need the ability select multiple customer types for one customer because sometimes we end up providing some services of both type to a customer. IE some customers we are their complete MSP, others we only provide hosting services, some customers do both.

It would also be a huge value if we could filter Ticket custom fields somehow. Wither that be by customer type or by Ticket Issue type doesn’t matter to me. My Ticket Custom Fields list has gotten really long.

Would be a step in the right direction, Even take it a step further get a separate tab for the Customers page for say RMM Variables. Those being specifically for CF’s used in scripting variables that are not related to general account over… Right now when I open a customer page I have to scroll to just hit the top of the tickets on my Mac Air. Most of those fields are only used as a top level CF for scripts…

Multiple Type inheritance would be awesome for Assets and Clients (aka Customers).
Similar to how policy inheritance works…a Type inherits attributes (could be custom fields or other attributes such as which Technician has access to them :wink: ) from a parent Type.
Needs to have a bit more of a framework than the Policy implementation though to make the management easier.
At the moment the only characteristic that determines the parent/child relationships of policies is the folder that a policy is assigned to. This is too loose as I cannot look in a Policy definition to see the parent child relationship, and I find this quite cumbersome in the UI to keep consistant across n clients.

Type Inheritance would be better implemented by specifying in the definition of the Type that it is a child of one or more parent Type.
Then when a client or an asset is assigned a Type, automatically the clients or assets take on all the attributes of the parent Types as well.