Show Assets Assigned to Contact

Currently, the only way to see who is assigned to an asset is to look at the list of assets for a client.

It would be much quicker and convenient if we could look at the contact record and see what assets they are assigned to in the details of the contact.


I just went to a Contact card to check what assets are assigned to that staff member and found this missing. I went to create a new feature request topic and found yours, which I have already liked previously hah! :slight_smile:

I don’t disagree. This would be convenient. For example, I do asset tracking for clients when their employees leave.

For a single asset though, just look at the asset’s page.

Contacts have been the orphan child of Syncro for some time. It needs a complete revamp.

You should be able to look at contacts and see all the relevant assets, communications and tickets for the contact. This would save a ton of time looking up contact history.

That can be said for a lot of areas. The entire UI needs help. We need to be able to navigate and see everything from all different angles.

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