Show all the pending ticket charges that client has from the client page

When viewing the client page, it would be nice to have a link from the clients’ page that takes you directly to the Pending Ticket Charges for that specific client. Or even a section that shows a number, and when you click on the number it takes you to the report.

This would be helpful when viewing a page for a client that they don’t have any pending ticket charges slip through the cracks, especially for us that navigate to each client page and use that as a springboard to other things, tickets, assets, billing info, etc. It all needs to be located in one place.

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We absolutely need to see the following information, not only on the client page but also in the reports.

• Client Prepaid Hours
• Pending Ticket charges
• Overage

Being able to sort through pending ticket charges by tech in the pending charges report would also be INCREDIBLY useful. Being able to schedule that report to send to the individual techs would be icing on the frosting.

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