Sheduled scripts from policy doesn't run anymore

@Andy or any other managers, I would appreciate an update or timeline on this issue.
This is a very major regression and has caused work for us over the holidays.

In the future, given the frequent issues with new feature rollouts, I would ask that you consider the timing of them. Not trying to pile on, I am a fan of your product but this really shouldn’t have been pushed out at the time it was with this amount of problems.

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Yep, seeing a random distribution of failed scripts as well some policies re fine, others still run weekly but not daily and some just stopped running scripts all together. its really odd

Yes, after some checking we have assets not running scheduled scripts since the 24th. Ticket filed per request.

I had an idea and tested it successfully. If any of you have a pressing issue, perhaps this will help somehow.

I opened a client’s “Assets & Policies” tab. I then created a new folder parallel to a parent folder with a similar name, moved all assets and folders into it. Applied the same policy to that folder that was applied to the original, deleted the original folder and saved the changes.

After a few minutes I checked and the assets in that folder structure had all run the daily scripts successfully that hadn’t run since the 24th.


I did try adding a new folder and policy to that folder. It worked the first day but failed on the following days.

I did not try removing the old folder though, so I’ll be interested to know if it’s still working for you tomorrow.

Good to know… I did have the thought: “What if it’s a one-time fix and scheduled scripts don’t run after the ‘apply’ process completes?”

I definitely will be checking back tomorrow. :slight_smile:

There were very few issues with this rollout at all. This issue in particular is still being worked by development. They have found the root cause and it is not related to policy inheritance. I don’t have an ETA for a fix, other than to say “soon.”

I think Blizzard Entertainment trademarked “Soon”, so you have to use something else like “on the horizon”


@Andy - Care to share what the root cause is? Is it something we can workaround?

It is not something you can work around, though not all users are affected.

Any update to this? This is becoming a serious issue that is significantly increasing our ticket load.

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A fix went out late last week to resolve the small number of affected accounts. If you saw any issues over the weekend or this morning please reach out to support with the updated information.

So now you’re considering all tickets regarding this issue as closed until we reach out to support once again?

I picked a random asset now, and it has 12 scripts that hasn’t run as scheduled today.

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Those tickets are not closed, but we’ve had no additional reports of this since the fix went out which would make yours the first. So I would update your ticket and let the support folks know it’s still happening for you.

I suspect nobody has any idea that a supposed fix went out last week, and users are still waiting for feedback from support. Could that be the reason why you haven’t had any additional reports?



I’ve replied to the internal Syncro ticket of 86927.

This issue is still occurring.


would be really handy for all of us that have tickets open on this issue to have received an update to the ticket stating that a “small fix” had been pushed and to update our tickets with examples if there are more misses.


This does happen when we flag the issue as fully resolved. With something as critical as scripting, we left the issue open and are monitoring for additional reports.

Ok well I just reviewed and don’t see any improvement at all across the handful of devices I cherry picked, so I’ll update the ticket as such.

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Thanks, much appreciated.