Sheduled scripts from policy doesn't run anymore

Since 2021/12/14 scripts that are sheduled to run daily per a nested policy stopped running. Do some changings in the policy doesn’t help. Still no execution of the script.

Anyone else how see this behaviour?

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We have also seen this behavior, but Can confirm that it isn’t every policy / asset folder that we have that is affected.

Maybe 30% daily scripts are not running on our assets. The rest seem to be running as expected.

We’re still making a list of scripts that appear to have run, and one that don’t, as well as the assigned policy, looking for specific patterns.

I’ve noticed at least one instance of a scheduled script not running since policy migration. I plan to investigate further this weekend.

Same here. I have a group policy and a computer policy and some scripts show they fire but the logs do not reflect the script executed. Some scripts don’t fire at all or are intermittent.

Appears the policy feature is not working.

I’m seeing the same problem with scripts scheduled to run daily. Have not yet had a chance to see if weekly scripts are also affected.

First I had some of them set at an asset level and it wasn’t working. Then I moved it to a policy and it worked the first day but failed the next day.

Please open support tickets if you are seeing this happen, and be sure to include the URL of the asset in question, and the policy or policies in question. Thanks.

I’ve also found some weekly scripts to be hit or miss (but mostly miss), whether scheduled by policy or at the asset level. Strangely, hourly scripts seem to work fine, at least in the one case I’ve tried it.

I’ve submitted a support ticket to Syncro just a few minutes ago with a lot of details. I hope it helps to get to the bottom of this.

It’s worse than expected, the weekly script runs are also affected.

Not a single script ran tonight. We had to run all scripts manually this morning. It doesn’t matter whether the script was stored on the asset or on the policy.

Please fix this as soon as possible. We cannot start the scripts manually every day.

Weekly scripts did not run here either during the past night.

For me it looks like all recuring scripts runs only once.

How many tickets one has to open on scripts?

  • 42259 from 1 November 2020 - advised the issue was resolved
  • 44799 from 11 December 2020 - passed back to developer in February 2021
  • 57154 from 26 April - an update by developers caused the issue, advised to open a ticket if happens again
  • 52270 from 9 March (scripts ran twice for no reason) - ticket closed in September with “Our team has been working on platform-wide changes to make scripting more reliable and some of those changes were deployed between the time you reported the issue and the time the development team reviewed it”
  • 78451 from 9 October - closed with “Our engineering and development team is making many improvements to Syncro that will increase site performance and reliability issues.”
  • 85355 from 14 December - open for now, but undoubtedly will be closed soon (last response 6 days ago).

On ticket 78451: we opened a ticket, emailed Bobby, called on the phone, sent updates saying “look, it’s happening right now”, yet the reply after 7 days was “we’re working on improvements”.


Same here. I have created a ticket.

Hey all! I just started a case with development on this. If you send in a ticket we’re looking for the following information.

  1. What asset did this happen on? (1 or 2 examples is fine if multiple)
  2. What script didn’t run on schedule?
  3. What timeframe did you notice this happen during? (Was it just 1 day, the whole month of December, from the 3rd-18th?)
  4. How did you originally set the recurring script up? Individually, through bulk actions, or was it assigned on the policy?

This will be much appreciated, we’ll be looking at timestamps in the database, and we had a few days where scripts were delayed or interrupted so we’ll need to compare all the dates.

I did find an additional issue where if you are running script on the policy, and you’re running the same script multiple times (Ex. run a reboot on M,T,F and it’s the same reboot script) it will only accept the first entry as it ends up deduplicating. We’re starting a case on this as well, but be aware that it will happen when you have duplicate scripts set via policy.

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Am I the only one who doesn’t get this request? You, Syncro, have a database. You know when scripts should have run. You know when scripts actually ran. Yet you’re asking us to submit more tickets with scripts and assets where this problem took place.

Are you not able to get that info from your database?

We monitor all sorts of things for our clients - do you not have any monitors for scripts? You know total number of scheduled scripts and you know total number of scripts that actually ran - don’t you have any form of automation to compare the two, deducting scripts on offline assets? How do you make sure scripts work? - do you rely on support tickets???

If you don’t have basic monitoring for scripts, do you have any form of checks for anything? Security monitors for breaches? Invoice checks confirming all charges have been added to invoices? Automation checks that every trigger was actioned?


Yes, I don’t understand your position. What they asked for is the exact information we would ask our clients for when an issue happens. We used to host our own RMM which was SQL based. I sometimes had to dig into the database for info. It’s a major PITA to try and sift through endless amounts of data without specific data points. Say you have 25 daily schedules scripts on an asset, you have 500 assets, that’s 12,500 data points on just you alone. Most scripts are running, some are failing, some may be running/failing differently on each asset. It makes sense for them to ask us to help narrow it down to expedite finding a cause so they can roll out a fix.


Development has logging and monitoring on their end, however, the request in specific is from support. This is helpful to us because I have found multiple root causes, sometimes they are related to timing, sometimes not. So while development has a window on automation, that doesn’t mean that the cause is always related to what they are monitoring. Providing these details upfront makes it easier for support to help you and suss out what’s causing your issue beyond the fact that it is happening. :slight_smile:

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I have the same issue and just opened a support ticket.

We are having the same issue since policy inheritance. We just opened our second ticket about this. we initially opened a ticket about this on the day the inheritance was rolled out and got nowhere.

I tried running a script against a saved search and it did not run. I’ll also see instances where syncro shows a script ran but the computer does not show any events in the logs. I run a backup script using powershell that creates log entries.

Very disappointed.

Created another ticket. System automation is useless at this point.

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We got the following ‘useful’ reply from SyncroMSP Support:

It does look like some of the daily scripts are not running as expected. We have a current bug where scheduled scripts sometimes don’t run. The bug report is set to the highest priority.

I have added your name to the bug report. No further action is needed on your part, once the development team has fixed the issue, I will give you an update.

I know it’s not ideal, but you can also run your scripts manually in the meantime. I apologize for any inconvenience.

Is there a way to identify what scripts have not run as scheduled so that we can at least run the most critical scripts manually? We have ~2000 assets, and going through them manually is not an option.

Seriously considering jumping ship and looking for alternatives to SyncroMSP at this point.