Share OID Recipes Here

In the past there was a user-supported OID recipe repository, but sadly, that was defunct last time I checked. How about we thread some here? I’ll kick things off with a couple of Mikrotik recipes I made and some other recipes that I got from the old site.

OID Recipes

How to share recipes

  1. You’ll need to generate a public link to share a recipe. Start by going to ‘Assets & RMM > View > OID Recipes’

  2. Go here to genrate and copy the link

  3. Come back here and reply with the link and what device the recipe is for


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I’ve seen recipes here:


I don’t know where the “official” library is though. I’d love to have one.

Quick Edit: I posted about this on the FB group as well. Do you want me to post some of the recipes that I’ve used so we can start expanding this?

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