Set Syncro Billing recipient to send invoice to MSP for Syncro Services

I’m looking to update the email address where our Syncro monthly invoices are sent to. That is to say, the invoices we as the MSP pay for Syncro services. This is proving to be difficult because Syncro is also a PSA which means all of the links I’m finding are regarding PSA functionality to email customer invoices. That’s not confusing at all. :slight_smile:

Our use case is simple enough. I want our monthly invoices sent directly to our Accounts Payable department so I don’t have to do it manually. I did find an email address field under “Account Profile” I could set to our AP department but am uncertain what it’s intended for. I only want our invoices to be sent to our accounting department. Everything else should still come to me.

Am I missing something obvious perhaps? How can this be achieved? Thanks!

Syncro uses Recurly for billing which is not integrated into the dashboard anywhere for some reason. You’ll need to setup an account if you haven’t already by going to SyncroMSP and using the email you have as your admin account in Syncro. Once logged in it looks like you can change the email address in Recurly.

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Well I’ll be darned. I never would have figured that out on my own. Thanks for sharing!

It’s SO close to what I’m looking for too… I registered for Recurly with my primary email address which is the same I use for Syncro. I can now see my invoices. Awesome! Now I just need to update a billing email to send the invoices to our accounting department and…

Oh, this portal doesn’t have the concept of a “billing email”. It’s just the email address on the account which is also my primary email. It does however seem to let me change this email and it does appear to only be for Recurly and not for the Syncro RMM portal.

I’ve changed the email address in Recurly to point to our accounting mailbox. I guess we’ll find out if they get any other emails beyond billing related ones.

Thanks again for the insight!