Set payment type per customer

Is there a way to set a payment type per customer? I only want to accept credit card payments from consumer customers, and I would like to limit business customers to ACH (most send checks anyway). Currently a customer sees both options. In the PSA 1 class they said I could do it in email templates, but I only see an option to pay with credit card in the templates.

I can’t quote a link, but I’m pretty sure when this has been asked in the past the answer has been. No. (To the segregation of payment types.)

Bummer, because I’d like the same thing.

So Syncro responded on Facebook that it can be set in portal user profiles. This does work for stored payment options. You can create a group that can store ACH details, but not CC details, or CC but not ACH. However, it doesn’t turn off one-time CC payments. It would be great if there were 2 options for pay online, “Invoices - Pay Online Credit Card” and “Invoices - Pay Online ACH”. If you uncheck “Invoices - Pay Online” then they can’t pay ACH even though they can store a profile.