Set Minimum Quantities per Product/Service

We would like to see the ability to set “Minimum Quantities” per SKU (Product or Service) - across Labor, Services AND Parts.

Two examples of where this would be a huge help:

  • We have (for 10+ years) had a minimum 1 Hour charge for Onsite Support, and a minimum 2 Hour charge for Emergency Support. However, since Syncro has no individual minimums, both products fall back to our general Labor minimum/increment, of 0.25 hours. We have to rely on training and administrative policies or review to enforce these minimums (very error prone, and we lost a lot of revenue this way)

  • We have a minimum quantity for our Managed Services (5 or 10 units, depending on the service). From time to time, a small client will want to come on board even though they don’t meet the minimum. For these clients, we cannot therefore use Recurring Invoice “Counters” (they would bill the Actual Count, and have no concept of minimums). But if we had Per Product/Service “Minimums” set in the catalog, a client with 7 users could come on board, get automatically Counted each month but BILLED THE SKU MINIMUM, and when they brough their 11th user on board, it would continue to bill correctly, without skipping a beat!

Thanks for considering…

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