Separating Regular Tickets from Projects?

Hi, I’ve looked around, but couldn’t find the appropriate answer to my question. I wanted to ask if Syncro has the option to separate tickets. We are currently using the ticketing system for both our projects and regular tickets. This, however, skews our times after we print out our monthly reports.

Any recommendations would be good too!

Thank you

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Hi jclawsin! If you’re on the ticket and you click the Actions drop-down, there is an option to split the ticket. Is this what you were seeking?

No, this is a frequently requested feature that’s not feasible now.

Hi Alexandra,

Thank you for your reply! Sorry I wasn’t clear. We’re looking for a feature that separates our projects apart from the standard day-to-day tickets. Usually, at the end of the month, we create a report for all of our clients and within these reports, there are 2 to 3 ticket projects that are opened all month that is skewing our metrics when presenting to the clients.

BrianMorris confirmed that this isn’t an added feature yet.

@Andy spoke about Ticket Boards possibly coming in the future in the webinar last week. If that happens, I think that’s what would help with what you are wanting.

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Ah, yes! This is exactly what we’re looking for.

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We currently have several project ticket type we use to flag the tickets.