Separate Icons For Windows System Tray and Mac Menu Bar

Can we have the ability to provide different icons for the mac agent and windows agent? The Windows system tray has a darker background and a built in margin and icons are usually color. The Mac menu bar has a lighter background with no built in margin and icons are usually solid black. In order for the icon to look correct in both contexts, I need to be able to provide separate icons.


Second this… Plus we’d need icons for light/dark mode.

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Agreed, just having a separate Mac icon wouldn’t really be suitable because depending on the users’ settings, the menu bar on a Mac changes colour to match the wallpaper. Pretty much every other macOS app that has a menu bar icon includes both a light and dark icon, and the OS will automatically apply the correct one based on the colour/brightness of the menu bar. We would need to be able to add both a light and dark icon to the Mac app so the OS can automatically pick which one is suitable.

Yes, you’re right. I eventually realized this same thing after originally writing this.