SentinelOne Integration

Any plans for SentinelOne integration? I love Bitdefender, however, would love to be able to offer clients the choice of a preferred AV, especially one as hot as SentinelOne.


Would love to see this as well


I too would like to know if we can:) I am looking at them more and more.


Same here I would prefer SentinelOne over all of the current options.

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This would be great!

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SentinelOne integration would be great.

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Yes, +1 for Sentinel One.

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Yes, please! It would be very helpful for us.

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Please this.

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+1 for this feature.

Definitely support this feature request!

This would be great.

API integration for S1 status, alerts, and helping to push updates and other mgt tasks would be ideal. If you want to resell it through Syncro, fine, just don’t force us to use your licenses make that optional. Integration to third-parties like Webroot, Bitdefender, etc shouldn’t require Syncro customers to purchase through Syncro.


A Script to install it would be good too I cannot get it to work through a script.

+1 for sentinelone integration. It’s one of the most sorely missed features changing to Syncro.

+1 to SentinelOne integration.

Yes, please S1 integration would be helpful!

I fully endorse this integration, please make this happen.

I would like to see this as well. It would be very helpful.

+1 for Sentinel One integration