Sending emails to clients

Maybe this is a dumb question but how is everyone sending emails to clients. Right now, our support email is support@ so I have been sending emails from an alias in my google workspace account and asking my employees to do the same. The problem is, if the client never responds it never creates a ticket and if that employee leaves, it will be hard to find that email. If I send from syncro, I don’t get a notification when the client responds.

We have Teams setup, but this applies to email notifications as well. We’d create a ticket, and it will send the customer a new ticket notification, however, I usually select not to send the email and then my first notification will be a comment update. This is emailed to the customer. When they reply, it updates the ticket and we get a notification. Make sure in your Admin > Notification Center, that you have “Ticket - Someone replied to any Ticket” to get email notifications on customer replies for all tickets or “Ticket - Someone replied to my Ticket” to get notifications on ticket replies that are only assigned to you.