Send email updates to all customers?

Is there a way we can send an email to all customers based on a schedule? We’d like to remind them of holiday hours, as well as maintenance notifications among other things.

Yeah for sure. Check out Mailer, it can do this. It can also run through particular segmentations, or even do it for contacts that meet certain asset criteria or whatever.

Thanks for the heads up! Some feedback and feature request for mailer:

  • Send emails x amount of days prior to based on holiday calendar.

  • Option to email only the main contact on the account or include all contacts on the customer account.

  • for one time emails, the option to select which customers and customer contacts to send the message to

For the which contacts to receive email piece, you can already define this on per-customer and per-contact basis. Check the email checkboxes on those records and you’ll see one for “marketing” emails. Then you know any time you send a marketing blast you don’t have to be specific about who gets an email at each specific customer because it’s already defined. Billing and reporting emails work the same way.

On #1, you should be able to schedule an email. So if you want it going out a week before Christmas, for example, you should be able to schedule it for Dec 18th. Does that work for what you are tying to do here?

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thansk for getting back to me, yes that works for us!

No problem. Okay great, I’m glad that will work out for you then.

@Andy is there a way to get rid of the Unsibscribe link that shows up at the bottom of the email? Since some of these campaigns are not necessarily marketing and more of holiday reminders, we don’t want the customer to be able to unsubscribe from them.

I don’t think so because of CAN-SPAM rules.