Securiy Groups for Techs to Access Multiple Customers

Our previous two RMM had this security group feature that allows techs access to multiple (but not all) customers

  1. Used for junior techs or seasonal contractors who should only work on specific customers

  2. Also allows VIP and sensitive customers only accessible by senior techs

This would be an extension of the Customer Specific security groups.


Correct me if I’m wrong folks, but I don’t believe that Syncro has any kind of feature to give users permissions to some customers and block some other customers. All or nothing.

Review this post to see what you think:

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Correct - Syncro will only allow single customer access.

That is why I posted this in the Feature Requests so others can vote.


This is a must feature for us.

We run several co-managed environments where the Internal IT team use our PSA and RMM as they look after several companies and use us for escalations and specific support.

The team for some clients look after several companies as part of a Parent - Child company group all with different 365 tenants etc.

Please implement this and Syncro becomes a single home for our needs

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A third scenario:

Co-managed environments where customers have their own in-house IT who manages multiple child companies that must be kept separate for billing and logistical reasons.

Judging by the thread where I asked about this issue, this should probably be a priority.
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