Security code is set in Splashtop Streamer's Security tab

When trying to remote into a workstation with Splashtop we get a request to enter security code.

Security code is set in Splashtop Streamer’s Security tab.

This typically means there is a full version of Splashtop on that machine, and that end of things has a code set for connection. The RMM version and the full version can coexist, but if the owner of the full version does things like add a connection code, you’d need to contend with that.

This just occurred with me as well. The system I’m trying to connect to does not have any other installation of Splashtop and never has. It is a newer machine that is only used to serve QB. It worked fine up until today as far as I know.

The only other way for this to occur is if someone messed with the registry settings.

Since all versions of Splashtop use the same Streamer, you won’t really be able to easily tell if there was a premium version used on the device at one point. You need to open the Streamer UI and see if this option is selected.

And for reference, here are the registry settings that can be manipulated. If it’s set to 4 for ReqPassword, then that would also be why.