Searching tickets by Comment or Note text

Hi All

Is is possible to search for a ticket using text in an update or note?
It seems you can only search based on user, subject etc., not the contents of the update or private/public notes!

This would be really useful for techs to be able to search for tickets and find previous resolutions.


Been discussed in the past. They want to do it but need to finish the AWS migration.

Thanks Jimmie.
Fingers crossed this happens soon as this would help out my team enormously.

I search in email now, but sometime there are way too many results to try and filter. For example, we have informed a client that always using the built-in QB admin account for everyday use causes issues with multi-user. They’ve refused to change. Today, they asked again, why is this happening all the time. I had a hard time finding the ticket with the conversation that happened almost 2 years ago. I had to end up opening dozens of tickets until I found it.