Searching for blank - "" - null

I assume we don’t have a way to search blank fields in Saved Asset Search? So I am requesting it for the future:) If its because blanks don’t have any value for the code to translate - you can always just use the null, 0 , false key values for us. I assume everything is base off a SQL search at some level.

I would also like to request an OR - AND operation as well:)

But what would be cooler would be a non-gui way of doing the searches as well without having to wait for web-elements to be updated to allow for it. Sort of like a Easy Mode and Advance Mode. This way even if its not possible to do in easy mode - at least there is a fall back with the advance mode.

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We wanted to be able to search for blank fields. Requested this about 2 years ago. It’s very valuable if you’re querying the asset and putting a value there to be able to search if the value is missing.