Search Within Ticket Notes

We should be able to Search and have results that include a given customer’s previous tickets.

According to Andy Cormier, I need to add this to this “Feature Requests & Suggestions” in order for it to be “considered” or added to the apparently “secret” Top 5 Requests List.

Can you help me convince Syncro that searching for previous ticket notes within a customer record is critical to fixing problems and referencing information? Upvote or whatever they’re asking for this to be heard; I would appreciate it.


Absolutely this should be implemented.
Not sure what is harder to believe.
That this isn’t already possible or that Syncro needs convincing that it should be possible.

Note to self…before we move from using RangerMSP for ticketing to Syncro for ticketing, make sure the API can retrieve ticket notes data.

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+1 for me too! Was using notes to drop keys, then couldn’t find them when needed to figure out which client had which key one time haha.

You can do this using API somehow.
I have a programmer on our team and he has put together a little custom application that gives this functionality and it is VERY handy

a custom app extending a cloud platform…
good to hear I’m not the only one with such ideas. :rofl:


Easy fix, ready for it, hold your breath:

  • Enable DropBox Integration as it “upload tickets on creation, update, and all comments immediately to Dropbox”
  • Open up dropbox web and search for whatever it is your looking for. Dropbox’s OCR will do the rest.

No joke, after trying to mess with the API idea for too long I ended up doing this. It’s far from ideal obviously, so this is a 1+ for me.

I don’t have dropbox.
I’m not likely to either.
We are heavy users of Onedrive and Sharepoint.
It is ok, now that I’ve heard it can be done with the API, I will do it with the API in a desktop app.