Search Assigned Contact Name

Currently, the Search All The Things does not search assigned contact on an asset. Instead, I created a script that will pull the Assigned Contact and add it to a custom field, and since the search pulls from custom fields, I am now able to search by contact name and pull up a list of systems. This isn’t perfect and would love for this to just be a native feature. If it can search countless custom fields, why not the Assigned Contact field.

No traction :frowning: Oh well, this script has saved me countless hours not having to manually find assets.

Import-Module $env:SyncroModule
Set-Asset-Field -Name "Contact" -Value $contact

When I put a contact first name into “Search all the things” the results include assets which have contacts with that first name.

Could it be different behaviour between Syncro tenants?

Nope, you are seeing the search pick up on something else. I’ve confirmed this with Support and Andy and I had a long discussion, it does not search the contact on the asset.

Here’s an easy test, find an asset that doesn’t have a contact assigned, maybe a server or something and search a contact and make sure it doesn’t pull up the asset. Then assign that contact to it and search again, it still won’t pull up.

You are correct.
I believe my search was picking up the Windows user name, which includes the first name of the contact in the AzureAD username. Can test this by searching for AzureAD in search all the things.

Confirmed, search all the things is not including assigned contact name

Search can search tons of custom asset fields, but it can’t search the assigned contact. Seems like something is wrong there :). For now, I get by with my workaround.