Search 'All the Things' searches 'Some of the things'

When will the search have the ability to actually search in the tickets? Not just the ticket subject, as that is severely crippled and limited in functionality (there is much more information within the ticket body than the subject).

Without having a mailbox to search in (which is probably better anyway so Syncro doesn’t lose my tickets when they do maintenance), the PSA is lacking in basic functionality.

Hi Steve, this is correct. It searches most of the things but is not quite so comprehensive that it searches everything. There is a balance between too many results and generally what you’re looking for.

You might get some use out of the Ticket Communication Report which you can use CTRL+F to search the results. I know it would be faster through Search All the Things though, I’ve moved your post to the Feature Request board.

I would love to have this feature. We currently have to use a different vendor for ticketing specifically because Syncro does not search their body of the ticket. Please update this feature so we can use your ticketing system. Until you can search the whole ticket we can not use it.

Please this is a must.