Search All The Things - include customer name

Search All The Things is great to find a computer or server quickly - however as sometimes a search can return multiple results and you cannot tell which asset is for which customer.

For example if we have 10 servers called EXCHANGE and I search for EXCHANGE I cant tell which server one is for which customer.

Displaying the customer name (or portion of it) in a column in the search results would be a massive help.


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@Actrix Similar search capability you are asking for is used in the Syncro Chat tab when searching for an asset to begin a Chat session with.
The search results in the Chat tab are presented in the format
- -

So it seems that Syncro has some code to present search results in Search All the things as

For us, for a long time, even before we came to Syncro, we have prefixed all Asset Names with a 3 character code unique to each customer. Usually the first letter of the words in a customer name, or the first 3 letters of a customer name.

In this way you might have


for McDonalds, Glaxo Smith Kline, Tesla

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We have a similar setup but we just use search like “%COMPANY% %SERVER%” and it works nicely.