Scripts Returning Failed to Time Out

I’m running a Powershell based script across a client, the script checks if the PC has a piece of software installed, and if so, to reach out to an silent update for that software.
On most of the machines, it’s returning with time out errors. I added Syncro activity log cmdlets to the script, and those aren’t logging either. The script just continues to timeout. No activity logging at all. That’s on most.
A few of the machines show error and that the syncro modules don’t exist for activity logging and are failing there.
Any idea what is going on here?

What OS and PS version are they running? You might try posting the script and see if anyone can find any issues with it.

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I would manually run them locally on the machine. Sounds like there’s an error in the script somehow so it’s hanging.

Hi Andrew,
Definitely post it here to get some input from the community. They’re so helpful!
If you are still having this issue please send us the name of the client and a link to the script by creating a Support ticket.

I agree this would be easiest if we could see your script. Obviously anonymize it if you need, but it’s exceptionally difficult to troubleshoot code you can’t see.