Scripts failing again

This morning 2 customers reported scripts not running.
Logged ticket with syncro under number 89815.
Confused why needing to report it here instead of a ticket, cannot put links to assets here publicly…

Anyway some scripts running others not, nothing logged…

Just picked up your ticket! I have one other report of this so far. It appears it still hasn’t run as of today which will likely end up going to the development team to take a look at.

Since 2 or 3 days recuring scripts doesn’t run as expected again. This is so disapointing!

Same here. I think it start last week.

Currently investigating! Does anyone have some examples I can take a look at? I’ve found it’s easiest to see blips when you’re looking at daily scripts, but keep in mind if the asset was offline at the time the script wouldn’t have processed on that day. If anyone has examples on persistent servers that would be a good example.

i run the Server Backup script that was released thru the community 1-2 months ago on all my servers at 8am each morning and i found a server today that hasn’t had a successful backup in over a week but the script never reported it…
these scripts have worked for me since the beginning so i’m not sure which other ones aren’t one but i know of 1 server for sure that didn’t report the failing backups…
let me know what information you require and i will send it in as the quicker this gets solved, the better i sleep! :slight_smile:

Please start another post with more information about the script you’re using and what you’re monitoring. This thread is for scripts not running at all not for ones that aren’t working properly.

Hi All,

I just opdated ticket 89815
Last night out of 12 computers with maintenance scheduled, 3 had abnormal runs.
One did not run any scripts.
The 2 others just missed a script.
Did you guys notice if the problems happen with assets that had also previously problems with script runs?
I kind of see things happen with certain computers that had these problems also in the past.
Trying to understand what exactly happens here.

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thanks for the advice Isaac… however, i dont see where i said the scripts isn’t working properly… my opinion is that the scripts arent running as i’m not getting ANY reports… but if you say so… :slight_smile:

You said the script never reported it, not the script never runs anymore. Two different things, I was confused.

Currently logging a development case on this one, the development team did push a change on Monday that may have solved it for some, but if you notice any instances of this happening post-Monday, feel free to send in a ticket if you’d like to be linked to the case. It looks like it is still happening.

The frustrating part is the issue is now intermittent. Would almost be better if you knew the scripts were just going to fail across the board. We have a few clients that use Bitlocker and we have their assets set up to:
9pm Run Bitlocker Bypass script
10PM Reboot Asset
11pm Run Another Bitlocker Bypass script
11:30 Run updates with a reboot

From this site 11 of them did as above. 4 didn’t run the 9pm bitlocker bypass - but DID reboot at 10. And then they stayed offline since they were stuck at the auth screen for bitlocker. Of course then it runs the second bypass script and updates the next day when the users authenticate the bitlocker signin.

We look foolish when the client wants to know why 4 behaved like this and we just don’t know…

No updates yet?
Problems still persists.

It’s still escalated with development, but no specific updates yet.

Scripts weren’t working, then they worked for a few weeks. Now not working again. What gives?

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Hi Lynn, if you’ve noticed this in your system you can send us a link to the asset and the script that didn’t run at and we’ll get you linked into the development case so you can get updates on this.

Do you know if the asset was for sure online at this time? In the logs, it looks like it stops reporting around 19:00 which could be an indication of it being shut down or offline.

Every week, it auto restarts on Saturday at midnight. It is set to never sleep. I had one other client report that their desktop did not restart when it usually restarts.

Thanks! I’ve started a ticket and added you to the development case.

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