Scripting integrated with Git Hub

Microsoft is adding Git support to the PowerApps editor, and I would like to see similar integration for the Script editor in Syncro please.

Power Apps Git Integration - Power Platform Community (
This is part of a larger feature called co authoring of power apps. But in the context of the Syncro Script editor, it is clear that Microsoft agrees that automated source control for code editors is important. If you watch the video, it might help with the understanding of the deep integration with GitHub.
The repo, then becomes the backup and the audit log for script changes. Syncro then doesn’t need to extend the scripting features to handle backup or export of scripts via the API or WebUI, because GitHub is doing it.

All that needs to happen is that Syncro integrate the scripting feature with GitHub. While I’m sure that isn’t trivial, integrating with GitHub is likely less work than building out all these features, backup, source control and audit log internally.


This is from a larger talk over from Backup / save / export scripts using API?

Two different approaches and talks:) would love to see both methods be added though.

I feel like I bring this up every 6mo or so. Would be great to have this